Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freight Bill Factoring is the Future of Trucking

Wouldn’t it be great to leave the administration and paperwork, and just get on with the business of trucking? And what about those unpaid broker invoices that always leave you strapped for cash? It would be different if the administrative headaches resulted in profits – but they don’t – they just get in the way!

For some reason, managing the business just seems to get in the way of growing the business! And trucking is challenging enough – the economy can be tough and both insurance rates and fuel prices are constantly increasing. Then there’s the never ending need to finance trucks and trailers.

But today there is a better way to do business! Capital Depot now provides the trucking industry with a 100% Cash Advance Factoring package customized for the small and medium sized trucking company. It’s a solution-orientated approach that will impress even the most skeptical of truckers. In short, Capital Depot provides factoring that streamlines the operations – and with a 100% Cash advance on freight bills, working capital becomes stable, reliable and consistent.

In situations where cash flow challenges threaten the trucking business and traditional sources of credit aren’t available, Capital Depot provides the necessary funding through factoring your freight bills – a realistic alternative to conventional means of financing. When it comes to financing, the specialist at Capital Depot perform all the necessary credit work on your behalf, even to the point of accessing credit report on your brokers. All transactions are handled by competent and experienced credit professionals using the latest in web based technology. Capital Depot also undertakes the latest in web based technology to handle your collections, relieving you of the burden of chasing customers for unpaid invoices.

In fact, Capital Depot trucking clients experience a collections process that is well managed and results orientated. In fact, once you sell us (Factor) your freight bills - you never have to worry about bad debts and cash flow is instantly enhanced, while drivers and vendors are paid on time. And with custom designed aging reports, clients have 24 hour web access – and reports can be viewed either at home, or on the road.

Whether your company has one truck or three hundred trucks, Capital Depot has the freight bill factoring package to suit your needs. So instead of being buried in paperwork, you can grow the business and capture new customers. That way, your trucking company can capitalize on the services and resources that only the bigger companies usually enjoy.

Capital Depot recognizes the needs of the small trucking business and understands that cash flow is the life of the trucking business. So with credit worthy brokers and quality freight bills, you can qualify for an instant cash injection - to keep your business on track! That way - fuel, drivers, insurance and leases are always paid on time, even if brokers take 60 or 90 days to pay their freight bills.

Doing business with the Capital Depot Team does not jeopardize your ownership, control, or independence – they realize that your success comes from personal control of the business and that maximizing profit goes hand in hand with maintaining an independent, entrepreneurial spirit.

With Capital Depot you operate a business with a sound financial base and a secure, proven cash flow system. And when cash flow is consistent and on going, you can purchase equipment, hire personnel, undertake new deals and truly grow the company – it’s the only way to do business in trucking!